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The Reversal Before the Universal Diagnosis

Do you lack energy throughout the day? Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you have any concerns about the foods that you eat?

Many people are experiencing anxiety right now due to current events happening around the world. Anxiety leads to stress which can lead to stress eating followed by a serious health condition if it gets out of hand. There is help available for this.

Health coaches offer a free Discovery Session to potential clients to see if health coaching is the right fit. Why do you believe that you need a health coach?  What will be the consequences if the existing behavior/condition does not change? A bandage is not going to treat a broken bone. More work and time will be needed to fix it.

There is a type of health coaching that is specifically targeted towards reversing chronic illnesses.  Many women (and men) across the nation suffer from chronic illnesses such as heart disease, pre-diabetes, and obesity.  Many of these conditions can be reversed naturally, particularly before medication is prescribed. Many health practitioners will give patients a chance to make lifestyle changes before they prescribe medication. Here is where a health coach can help.

Health coaching offers a variety of resources and support for clients with chronic illnesses, which are expensive to treat. For instance, to reverse pre-diabetes, the health coach examines the client’s diet and lifestyle. Is the client overweight? How active is the client? What does the client eat? If there isn’t a behavior change, pre-diabetes will lead to diabetes and other health challenges.

A change in diet can also lead to weight loss, which can reverse many illnesses, like pre-diabetes, in the early stages. Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. With the right foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, the body can heal itself. Herbal supplements can also help, but many herbalists advise not to take them long term.  There isn’t a cookie cutter method that works for every client; it is looked at case by case. The health coaching principle uses motivational interviewing and goal setting to move the individual client in the right direction. Many programs are 12 weeks long.

You may wonder if you have to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables to successfully reverse your conditions. Can you have a burger and fries through the coaching process?  If you want to eat a sweet treat, will it cause a setback? 

The answer is that you CAN have a burger and fries depending on how it’s prepared. 

The same principle applies to a sweet treat. Your body will let you know when the food that you are giving it does not agree with it. 

On a personal note, I reversed pre-diabetes and high cholesterol naturally which led to weight loss. I changed my diet, took herbal supplements, and exercised up to three times per week. Once I accomplished this goal, I knew that I wanted to coach others with chronic illnesses to achieve their goals. Clients that have worked with me have saved money by learning to cook their own meals at home and eating out less. If the illness is reversed, the client will not have to spend money on prescription medications and multiple doctor visits, which is definitely costly. 

If you would like to learn more, you can book a free Discovery Session with me at 

https://havefaithandlivewell.com/discovery-call/.  Be well!

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