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A Message to My Followers

Hi Everyone. I’m sorry that I’ve been out of touch for a while.  This summer, I was accepted into the Post-Baccalaureate certificate program for Health and Wellness Coaching at the Maryland University of Integrative Health. I’ve completed one class with three in-progress. The school is very warm with many great resources. Things are starting to…

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5 Reasons Why I Blog

There are many types of blogs out there. Some discuss Kim Kardashian’s backside or Pitbull’s latest video. Others talk about sports or give financial advice. I’ve been blogging for about a year and half now. Here are my reasons: My family. At the end of 2012, my contract position ended. At that time, I was…

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The Benefits of Vitamin D

After having my annual physical exam, my doctor advised me to take a vitamin D supplement since my levels were slightly low. He was not too concerned about this since my overall health is great. I know now that I must continue to take it along with vitamin C daily for optimal health. I was…

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Education About Autism Through Movies

Autism Speaks is the nation’s largest autism advocacy and autism science organization. I follow them on Facebook and Google+. It’s a great resource. They recommended 5 movies about autism that are currently on Netflix. I’ve watched all five, which were all excellent. 1. Sounding the Alarm 2. The Story of Luke 3. Fly Away 4.…

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