Confession Does Not Mean Healing

Many of us feel that if we make a confession that our problems are solved.  We go on Facebook or Twitter and talk about the stressful day that we’re having, the physical or emotional abuse we endure, our food addiction, or wanting advice for our over-the-top blood pressure readings.  We put ourselves out there not just to a few people, but for everyone to see.  Misspelled words, profanity, and all.  We feel a sense of release, but is it really?

When you use social media to express your feelings, are you mindful of who may be reading it…family, friends, potential employers, or business partners? When someone reads it, will they think, “Really?  Are your serious?  You actually wrote that on your page?”.

If you really want to start the healing process from whatever issue that you’re dealing with, prayer is an option as well as talking  to a GOOD friend or a health coach. The emphasis is on GOOD because everybody can’t handle confessions or secrets.  Some people shock easily. Also, a GOOD friend knows you the best, won’t be judgmental, and can always be counted on to give great advice.  A health coach is empathic and non-judgmental about your health issues. (Some coaches can honestly say that they’ve  heard it all, and with a pandemic going on, nothing would surprise or shock anyone).

On the other hand, many people are “anonymous” with their issues. They’d think that if only God knows (or if nobody knows), then they’re fine.  However, many reach a point that they want to tell somebody else about their  issue, whether it’s an addiction, bitterness, or loneliness; God can speak to us through that person.  His plan is for us to reach out to one another so that we can begin to heal.  To be honest, one’s secrets are never anonymous.  Somebody will figure it out.  They are just waiting for you to tell them about it.

So whatever your issue may be, don’t keep it bottled up inside.  On the other hand, don’t broadcast it all over social media, either.  You don’t need to tell everybody.  Find a person that you love and trust to confide in, or tell a health coach. ( A health coach can only disclose the information if they think that you may harm yourself or somebody else). There is a health coach out there that can help you begin the healing process.

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